'SemiconIndia 2023'

The 'SemiconIndia 2023' is being organised by India Semiconductor Mission in partnership with industry and industry associations under the visionary leadership of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with the aim to make India a global hub for Semiconductor Design, Manufacturing and Technology Development which will help propel the vision of India Semiconductor Mission.


The Conference was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on 28th July , 2023 at 10:30 AM .


Steering Committee

Speaker 5

Sh. Ajit Manocha

Member, Advisory Committee ISM

Speaker 1

Sh. Vinod Dham

Member, Advisory Committee ISM

Speaker 5

Prof. Tummala Rao

Member, Advisory Committee ISM

Speaker 5

Ms. Jaya Jagadish

Country Head AMD India

Speaker 4

Sh. Gursharan Singh

SVP Micron Technology Inc.

Speaker 4

Sh. Jitendra Chaddah

Country Head GlobalFoundries India.

Speaker 4

Sh. Srinivas Satya

President Applied Materials India

Speaker 4

Ms. Nivruti Rai

MD & CEO Invest India.

Speaker 4

Sh. Neel Gala

Co-founder & CTO Incore Semiconductors

Speaker 4

Sh. Tushar Sharma

Renesas Technology

Speaker 4

Sh. Sanjay Gupta

Chairperson IESA

Speaker 4

Sh. Pankaj Mahindroo

Chairman ICEA

Speaker 4

Prof. Udayan Ganguly

IIT Bombay

Speaker 4

Sh. Amitesh Kumar Sinha


Speaker 4

Smt. Sunita Verma

Scientist G & Group Coordinator MeitY


Executive Committee

Speaker 5

Sh. Alkesh Kumar Sharma

Secretary MeitY

Speaker 5

Sh. Abhishek Singh

AS and MD & CEODigital India Corporation

Speaker 1

Sh. Amitesh Kumar Sinha


Speaker 5

Smt. Sunita Verma

Scientist G & Group CoordinatorMeitY

Speaker 5

Sh. Nishit Gupta

Director (Technology), ISM and Scientist E MeitY

Speaker 4

Sh. Sagar Sharma

Chief of Staff ISM



Speaker 4

Ajay Sood

Principal Scientific Advisor, Govt of India

Speaker 2

Alkesh Kumar Sharma

Secretary, MeitY

Speaker 2

Ajit Manocha

President & CEO, SEMI

Speaker 4

Mark Papermaster

EVP & CTO, Advanced Micro Devices

Speaker 2

Shang-Yi Chiang

Chief Strategy Officer, Foxconn

Speaker 4

Vinod Dham

Founder, Indo-Us Venture Partners

Speaker 4

Neelkanth Mishra

Chief Economist, Axis Bank

Speaker 4

Jaya Jagadish

Country Head, AMD India

Speaker 2

Darshan Hiranandani

CEO, Hiranandani Group

Speaker 4

Ahmad Khan

President-Semiconductor Process Control, KLA

Speaker 2

Gursharan Singh

SVP, Micron Technology

Speaker 4

Devan Iyer

SVP, Amkor

Speaker 2

Mukesh Khare

Vice President, IBM Semiconductors

Speaker 4

Vijay Nehra

Secretary, Government of Gujarat

Speaker 4

Rajesh Kumar Singh

Secretary, DPIIT

Speaker 2

Balaji Baktha

CEO, Ventana Micro Systems

Speaker 4

Jayesh Ranjan

Principal Secretary, Government of Telangana

Speaker 4

Ajay Prakash Sawhney

Former Secretary, MeitY

Speaker 2

Tummala Rao

Professor Emeritus, Georgia Tech

Speaker 2

Hem Takiar

CVP, Micron

Speaker 2

Rangesh Raghavan

VP & GM, LAM Research

Speaker 2

Lars Reger

EVP & CTO, NXP Semiconductors

Speaker 2

Vivek Sharma

MD, ST Microelectronics

Speaker 2


Director & CEO, Grantwood Technologies

Speaker 2

Rohit Girdhar

Vice President, Infineon Technologies

Speaker 2

David Krick

Global Solutions and Technology Director, Jacobs

Speaker 2

Surya Bhattacharya

Director, IME Singapore

Speaker 4

Srinivas Satya

President & Managing Director Applied Materials India

Speaker 4

Vijay Raghunathan

Professor, Purdue University

Speaker 4

Amrit Manwani

MD, Sahasra

Speaker 4

V. Vishnu

MD and CEO Guidance, Government of Tamilnadu

Speaker 4

Neel Gala

CTO, InCore Semiconductors

Speaker 4

David Reed

CEO, Vedanta Semiconductors Ltd

Speaker 4

Jitendra Chaddah

VP, GlobalFoundries

Speaker 4

K Mukundan

Senior Principal, NIIFL

Speaker 4

Suneet Shukla


Speaker 4

Anand Ramamoorthy

VP & MD, Micron Technology

Speaker 4

Cyril Patrick Fernandez

CEO & MD, Advanced Fab Technology

Speaker 4

Raman Achutharaman

Group Vice President, Joint Operations Leadership Team

Speaker 4

Nivruti Rai

MD & CEO, Invest India

Speaker 4

Hari Om Rai

Chairman & MD, Lava

Speaker 4

Raja Koduri


Speaker 4

Rajiv Talwar

Member CBIC

Speaker 4

Gautam Singh

CEO and Co-founder Fermionic design

Speaker 4

Rakesh Malik

CEO, Vervesemi Microelectronics

Speaker 4

Deepak Shapeti

Co-founder & CEO Morphing machines

Speaker 4

Jyothis Indirabhai

CEO and Co-founder Netrasemi

Speaker 4

Narayan Rao

Vice President Accord software & systems

Speaker 4

Vinayak Dalmia

Managing Director DV2JS Innovation LLP

Speaker 4

Gani Subramanian

Partner Celesta Capital

Speaker 4

Sudipto Sannigrahi

Matrix partners

Speaker 4

Sateesh Andra

Endiya partners

Speaker 4

Rama Bethmangalkar

Qualcomm Ventures

Speaker 4

Vishesh Rajaram

Co-founder Speciale Invest

Speaker 4

Aaditya Sood

Peak XV Partners

Speaker 4

Sanjay Gupta

President & CEO, Minda Corporation

Speaker 4

E.V. Ramana Reddy

Add. Chief Secretary Government of Karnataka

Speaker 4

Kiran Salikireddy

CEO, APEITA, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Speaker 4

Narendra Bhooshan

Pr Secretary, Infrastructure & Industrial Development, UP

Speaker 4

Sri Samavedam

Senior Vice President-CMOS Technologies, IMEC

Speaker 4

Surinder Singh

Former Director, SCL

Speaker 4

Sesha Verdarajan

SVP-Global Products Group, Lam Research

Speaker 4

Mr. Diganta Sarma

Regional Business Head, INOX Air Products




Session Description



Hon’ble PM Arrives


Walkthrough of Exhibition

Inaugural Session


PM Arrives on Dais


Welcome and Felicitation of PM on Dais


Opening Video on SemiconIndia 2023


Welcome address

Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Communications, and Railways, Government of India


Address by President SEMI

Ajit Manocha, President & CEO, SEMI


Address by EVP & CTO, AMD

Mark Papermaster, EVP & CTO, AMD


Address by President, SPG, Applied Materials

Prabu Raja, President, SPG, Applied Materials


Address by President & CEO, Cadence

Anirudh Devgan, President & CEO, Cadence


Address by Chairman, Vedanta Group

Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Group


Address by President & CEO, Micron

Sanjay Mehrotra, President & CEO, Micron Technology


Address by Chairman, Foxconn

Young Liu, Chairman, Foxconn


Address by Chief Minister, Gujarat

Shri Bhupendra Patel, Chief Minister, Gujarat


Address by Hon'ble Prime Minister

Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister

Hon’ble PM Departs

Session 2: Catalyzing India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem


India: An Exciting Investment Destination for Global Semiconductor Majors

Sanjay Mehrotra, President & CEO, Micron Technology


Address by President & CEO, Cadence

Anirudh Devgan, President & CEO, Cadence


Chips, Equipment and Manufacturing Technology - Enabling the Semiconductor Ecosystem

Prabu Raja, President, SPG, Applied Materials


Semiconductor Technology Development Ecosystem

Siva Sivaram, President, Western Digital


The AI Inflection Point: Massive Opportunity for India

Mark Papermaster, CTO, AMD




Address by CSO, Foxconn Group

S. Y. Chiang, Chief Strategy Officer, Foxconn

Session 3: Compound Semiconductor


Panel Discussion on the Advantage India in Compound Semiconductor

Manish Hooda, SCL (Moderator), Vivek Sharma, STMicroelectronics, Yee Shyi Chang, Technology Ambassador, ICEA, Rohit Girdhar, Infineon Technologies, Sriram Ramakrishnan, Business Head, Reliance Industry Ltd, Darshan Hiranandani, Hiranandani Group

Session 4: Display Manufacturing

03:40PM-04:25 PM

Panel Discussion on Dynamics of Display Manufacturing

G Rajeswaran, Grantwood Technologies (Moderator), Suraj Rengarajan, AMAT, Y J Chen, CEO, Vedanta Displays Ltd., Achintya Bhowmick, President, SID, Ajit Aras, EVP, Sharp

Session 5: ISM: Attracting Semiconductor Investments to India


Sustainable Semiconductor manufacturing and investment opportunities in India

Nivruti Rai, MD and CEO, Invest India


ISM: Attracting Semiconductor Investments to India

Ajit Manocha, SEMI (Moderator), Cyril Patrick Fernandez, Member, ISM Advisory Committee, Ajay Sawhney, Former

Secretary, MeitY, Neelkanth Mishra, Axis Bank, Suneet Shukla, IFCI, K. Mukundan, NIIF



Session Description


Opening Session: SemiconIndia: Progress Journey


Address by Hon’ble Minister of State on Semicon India: One Year of Rapid Progress

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India

Session 2: Next-Gen Computing


Keynote address on Digital Autonomy and Sovereign Datacentre Infrastructure Powered by RISC-V

Balaji Baktha, CEO, Ventana Micro Systems


Machine Intelligence, Silicon, Art & India

Raja Koduri, CEO, Mihira AI

Session 3: Semiconductor Packaging


Micron ATMP in India: Supply Chain Strategy and Roadmap

Gursharan Singh, SVP, Micron Technology (Moderator), Jeffery Chun, Simmtech, Noboru Yoshinaga, Disco, Chan Pin Chong, Kulicke & Soffa, Raja Vinay, Air Liquide


Panel Discussion on the Packaging Research and Innovation to Drive Future Performance

Hem Takiar, Micron (Moderator), Tummala Rao, Georgia Tech, Surya Bhattacharya, IME Singapore, Devan Iyer, Amkor, Amrit Manwani, Sahasra

Session 4: Next-Genaration Designs


Growth of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles in India

Lars Reger, NXP Semiconductors


Panel Discussion on Emerging Designs Driving the Fab Loading

Anand Ramamoorthy, Micron Technology (Moderator), Navin Bishnoi, Marvell, Hitesh Garg, NXP Semiconductors, Malini Narayanamoorthi, Renesas, Balajee Sowrirajan, Semiconductor India R&D Center, Neel Gala, InCore Semiconductors



Session 5: futureDESIGN and Investment Opportunities in India


Panel Discussion on Innovation in futureDESIGN Startups: Launchpad for Global Market

Vinod Dham (Moderator), Gautam Singh, Fermionic Design, Rakesh Malik, Vervesemi Microelectronics, Deepak Shapeti, Morphing Machines, Jyothis Indirabhai, Netrasemi, Narayana Rao, Accord Software & Systems, Vinayak Dalmia, DV2JS Innovation


Panel Discussion on Creating Investment Opportunities in Indian Semiconductor Ecosystem

Gani Subramaniam, Celesta Capital (Moderator), Sudipto Sannigrahi, Matrix Partners, Sateesh Andra, Endiya Partners, Rama Bethmangalkar, Qualcomm Ventures, Vishesh   Rajaram,   Speciale   Invest,   Aaditya    Sood, Peak XV Partners

Session 6: Future of Semiconductors, Packaging and Systems


Panel         Discussion         on         Roadmap        for                       India Semiconductor Research Centre (ISRC)

Mukesh Khare, IBM Semiconductors (Moderator) with Tummala Rao, Georgia Tech & Ajay Sood, PSA, Sri Samavedam SVP, IMEC, Surinder Singh, Former Director, SCL


Panel Discussion on India’s Role in Semiconductor Equipment Innovation & Research for Resilient Semiconductor Supply-chain.

Raman Achutharaman, Applied Materials (Moderator), Sesha Varadarajan, Lam Research, Ahmad Khan, KLA, Prabu Raja, Applied Materials


Pannel Discussion on Building Semiconductor Ecosystem.

Jitendra Chaddah, VP, GlobalFoundries (Moderator), David Reed, CEO, Vedanta Semiconductors Ltd., David Krick, Global Solutions Director, Jacobs, Diganta Sarama, INOX AP



Session Description


Opening Session: Global Partnerships Creating Opportunities


India’s role in Emerging and Critical Technologies

S. Jaishankar, Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs of India


Panel Discussion: International Collaboration for Trusted and Resilient Semiconductor Supply Chain.

Anshuman Tripathi, Member, NSCS (Moderator), Mike Hankey, Consul General, U.S. Embassy, Kyoko Hokugo, Minister, Economy and development, Japan, Georgina Rose Mckay, First Secretary (Eco) Australian High

Commission, Arijit Raychowdhury, Professor, Georgia Tech

Session 2: Next-Wave of Design Innovation


Panel discussion on Emerging Technologies: Opportunities & Challenges

Santhosh Kumar, Texas Instruments (Moderator), Jaya Jagadish, AMD, Hitesh Garg, NXP Semiconductors &

Udayan Ganguly, IIT-B

Session 3: Catalysing New India’s Techade


Fireside Chat on Catalysing New India’s Techade

Amitabh Malhotra, MD, HSBC India and Ridham Desai,

MD, Morgan Stanley

Session 4: Readiness Assessment for Semiconductor Ecosystem


Panel Discussion on India’s Growing Presence in Electronics GVC

Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman ICEA (Moderator), Sudhir Pillai, MD, Corning India, Aman Gupta, CMO and Co- Founder, BoAt, Raminder Singh, Chairman, Radiant, Nandini Tandon Venture Capital, Ravi M. Bhatkal, Element Solutions




Panel Discussion on Readiness Assessment of the State Policies for Electronics and Semiconductors

Sanjay Gupta, President & CEO, Minda Corp (Moderator), Akshay Tripathi, Special Secretary, Government of UP, Vijay Nehra, Secretary, Government of Gujarat, E. V. Ramana Reddy, Addl. Chief Secretary, Government of

Karnataka, Sujai Karampuri, Director, Government of Telangana, Jagadeesh J, AVP, Guidance

Session 5: India - The Global Semiconductor Talent Capital


Panel Discussion: Implementation of Semicon India FutureSkills Talent Roadmap for making India as a Semiconductor Talent Nation

Jaya Jagadish, AMD (Moderator), T G Sitharam, AICTE, Binod Nair, GlobalFoundries, Srinivas Satya, Applied Materials, Rangesh Raghavan, Lam Research, Udyan

Ganguly, IITB, Vijay Raghunathan, Purdue University

Session 6: Creating a Globally Competitive Compliance and Regulatory Framework


Panel Discussion on Creating a Globally Competitive Compliance and Regulatory Framework

Rajesh Kumar Singh, Secretary, DPIIT (Moderator), Alkesh Kumar Sharma, Secretary, MeitY, Pragya Sahay Saksena, Member, CBDT, Rajiv Talwar, Member, CBIC,

Hari Om Rai, Lava, Gursharan Singh, SVP, Micron

Concluding Session


Concluding remarks

Jaya Jagdish, AMD and Steering Committee members of SemiconIndia 2023.

Another chapter for Parallel Sessions for all 3 days together

Day 1


Session Description


Session 1: Semiconductor Training: Status and Lessons


Semiconductor Training: Status and Lessons

Srinivas Raghavan, IISc (Moderator), Shanti Pavan, IITM, Sandeep Oswal, TI, Suraj Rengarajan, AMAT

Saurabh Lodha, IIT-B

Session 2: Session 2: Industry Focused Semiconductor Research: Status and Lessons


Industry Focused Semiconductor Research: Status and Lessons.

Udayan Ganguly, IIT-B (Moderator), Yogesh Chauhan, IIT- K, Vipin Madangarli, GF, Ashok Mishra, RIL, Tushar Sharma, Renesas, Swaroop Ganguly, IIT-B


Academic R&D Faculty and industry session

Tummala Rao, Georgia Tech, (Moderator), Hem Takiar,

Micron, Charan Gurumuthy, Tata

Day 2 (Seminar Hall 1, Organised by Applied Materials)

Session Description


Session 1: Semiconductor Supply-chains for Sustainable Semiconductor Industry


Tea Break


Welcome Note

Srinivas Satya, President & MD, Applied Materials


Mumbai Dabbawallahs – a legend in Indian supply- chain management


Keynote address

Paul Chhabra, VP, Global Supply Chain, Applied Materials Inc, USA


Global trends and Innovations in Semi Equipment Supply Chain

Michael Holder, VP, EFF, Jackson Hwang, CSO, Foxsemicon Integrated Technologies, Urs Gantner, CTO, VAT, Kevin Ressler, Coorstek, Phil Barros, CTO, Ichor




Audience Energizer


Building a sustainable domestic Semiconductor Supply- chain in India

Vikas Dabeer, Sr. Director, India Operations Applied Materials, Vikas Trikha, Director SCL, Sagar Sharma, Chief of Staff, ISM, Anjan Ghosal, AVP & Business Head, Titan Engineering & Automation Ltd, Sonny K. MD, Worldwide Operations Applied Materials


Attracting Global Semiconductor Supply-chains

Ashwini Aggarwal, Applied Materials, Ajit Manocha, President & CEO, Jitendra Chaddah, Global Foundries Videh Khare, MD, GSEM, SEMI, EV Ramanna Reddy, ACS, GOK, Jeet Harika, Adviser to CEO, Foxsemicon Integrated

Technologies, Rohan Abraham, Invest India


Supply-Chain Summary/Closing Note

Suraj Rengarajan, MD & CTO Applied Materials with Invest India leader.


Tea Break


Automotive Industry driving demand for semiconductors in India

Sanjay Gupta, Chairman IESA Moderator, C V Raman, Maruti, Swapnil Jain, Co-Founder & CTO, Ather Energy, Dr. S J Dhinagar, Senior VP, Vehicle Engineering, OLA,

Aakash Minda, Executive Director, Spark Minda